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Charlie's Friendly Fridays! - Episode 1


On Fridays we will be giving you an insight into the life of Charlie! This will often be about the friends and family in Charlie’s life but it could also be about any of his crazy antics!

Today, we start with Ollie – one of Chuck’s oldest playmates. Ollie is a rescue dog who came from a difficult situation with his previous owner. It took Ollie a long time to warm to humans again, particularly men and we think he must have seen some pretty awful stuff in his early days.

Nowadays, Ollie is quirky, loving and easily rattled! He loves giving us too many affectionate, slobbery licks! He’s a mixed breed, but we aren’t too sure which breeds! Either way, we love him all the same. Chuck and Ollie love a session of tug-of-war!

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