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About Us

True Charlie Co. started out as a little shop based out of our home to serve our local area in Geelong. Now, we've grown to serve the whole country and internationally!

We sell dog products that pass the test of being good enough to use with our labrador x retriever, and namesake of the company, Charlie!

We provide quality dog products at an affordable price and amazing customer service.

We love what we do and we want you to be a part of our journey!

During the days when Charlie was just an adorable little puppy, we took him to a local dog trainer to get some help with his see, Chuck was a bit of a 'lunger & tugger', he was too keen to meet new puppies and humans. It was a drain on our patience (and our shoulders)!

One of the training methods we were shown by the trainer was the use of a slip lead! 

The slip lead changed our walks forever! It allowed us to enjoy our walks again, and with the guidance of our trainer, allowed us to do so without hurting Charlie! 

The trouble was, we couldn't find any good quality slip leads on the we decided to fill that gap! 

We set out to design and manufacture a slip lead that could help similar dog owners in their journey with their faithful companions and so True Charlie Co. was born! 

We now have a range of quality dog products that we hope will be useful to you in making your life easier and more enjoyable with your fur-baby!

Who is Charlie?

He's a beautiful labrador x golden retriever that was born a little north of Albury, NSW. He joined our family in 2018 and has made us very happy!

He's only little, for a lab x retriever, but he's very quick and loves fetching his tennis ball on the beach. He would run ALL day if we let him.

He's always happy and loves being around us. He is an inside dog and lives a very lucky life.

We love him very much!

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