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Charlie's Friendly Fridays! - Episode 5

Jack is the star of this episode of Charlie’s Friendly Fridays!

A super cheery, 6 years young Labrador x Spaniel (i.e. a Spanador), Jack has always kept the crowds laughing with his habit of digging all the water out of his bowl!

He’s got big floppy ears with long hair at their ends and a droopy smile. In the last few years he’s had two gorgeous little girls added to his pack and he is extremely patient and gentle with them. He’s an all-round family dog! He even manages to take Charlie and all his puppy antics in his stride!

This photo was taken in Robe, South Australia on a recent family holiday and shows Jack looking out into the bay, pondering life’s great mysteries. He’s also happily wearing a black Sasha – Traditional Lead and making it look fantastic!

Fun fact: in the past, when he wants to look fancy, Jack has been seen with the long hair at the end of his ears in very stylish braids!

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