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Charlie's Friendly Fridays! - Episode 3

True Charlie Co. Dog Products Labrador Golden Retriever

On the soap box today we have Bruiser! Sadly, Bruiser is no longer with us and so Charlie never got the chance to meet him.

Bruiser was a big, beautiful Labrador x Retriever who was only with us for a short time, passing away at the age of 8 years old from cancer.

While he was only here with us a short while he made his presence felt! He was always ready to welcome us home with a pair of undies or whatever else he could find on the way to the front door!

He loved to watch the world go by from the front window of the house and keep an eye on the local postman to make sure they knew who was boss!

Charlie and Bruiser would have been great pals if they’d met, although we think when Charlie gets a bit crazy that Bruiser might have had a few stern words for him to get him back into line!

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