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Why We Chose a Slip Lead for Charlie...And how to care for yours!

How do I wash my dog lead?

Charlie looking dapper in his slip lead (And sitting like a good boy!)

Dogs enrich our lives in so many ways, they give us companionship (especially in tough times) they make us laugh (sometimes until we cry), they keep us warm on those bitterly cold nights, they teach us how to love unconditionally, the list could go on and on!

When choosing accessories for our dogs, there are many factors that lead to our final decision - Does the item serve our intended purpose? Is it high quality? Will it be comfortable for our dog? Does it look good? Does it break the bank?

Our decision making process:

Charlie has always been a rambunctious little bloke! His tail wags at a speed we’ve never witnessed before! Coming home to be greeted by a dog whose entire body is almost literally convulsing from excitement is something that we know we will never get sick of!

In saying that, though, Charlie used to approach walks with just as much energy! It was exhausting! If it didn't stop, our shoulders were looking at developing early arthritis from the constant pulling!

So we decided to take Charlie to a local dog trainer in our area (Shout-out to Jimmy’s Dog Training in Wallington!). Jimmy’s combination of positive enforcement and brief corrections resonated with us and did wonders for Charlie’s walks.

The slip lead offered an option to quickly redirect Charlie’s attention back to us from whatever dog, cat or tree had piqued his interest, and would inevitably lead to him lunging or pulling towards the poor animal or plant!

We coupled the slip lead with treats for when Charlie was walking really well with us and in a short space of time, our walks became much more enjoyable, with Chuck happy to take in the world around him without coughing and spluttering his way through a tight collar/lead!

Why we used the climbing rope in our leads:

A rope lead (or rope leash, depending on where you come from!) is a great option when selecting a lead for your fur-baby! 

A nylon climbing rope dog lead is soft on your hands while remaining super-strong! You don't have to worry about any tangles in your dog's fur and they are robust and hard-wearing! 

Charlie's first lead was a nylon lead. It was good quality, it wasn't anything special to look at but it did the job. The main downfall for us was that the hand loop was a bit uncomfortable for us as the human but other than that it was fine! We've since found that the rope leads suit us better than the flat nylon type.

Our rope dog leads are some of our most popular products, we have options in slip leads and also more traditional clip rope leashes. Both look fantastic and are extra-strong. The rope feels great on both yours, and your dog's skin and we think they tick all the boxes: they get the job done, they look great and they won't break the bank!

Caring for your leads

Our climbing rope dog leads come in a range of beautiful colours! If they do start to get dirty and you’d like to give them a spruce up, a quick hand wash with warm water (you can use a small amount of dishwashing soap, or even some dog shampoo if you like!) should be enough to have it looking fresh again!

We don’t recommend putting them in the washing machine, as this could damage some of the joins and lead to early wear and tear of your lead. We want your lead to last as long as possible!

On our leads with the leather or PVC accents, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that should be needed to get rid of any surface dirt and grime. The leather accents may develop some discolouration over time that may not be reversible, but we think of this as being a sign of good use!

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